Siddu Duddikunta

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GT Buses Android App

Developer and maintainer of the highest-rated and most-installed Georgia Tech bus tracking application on Google Play, with over 4000 active device installs and a 4.5 star rating.

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PantreePal (HackDuke 2015)

Worked on a team of 5 at HackDuke 2015 to develop PantreePal, an app and web service providing smart inventory tracking and analytics for food banks.

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Financialize (MHacks V)

Worked on a team of 3 at MHacks V to develop Financialize, an app that analyzes a user's bank account data and transaction history to generate a customized savings and investment portfolio.

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Flash Aid (HackDuke 2014)

Worked on a team of 4 at HackDuke Fall 2014 to develop Flash Aid, an app designed to improve the speed of emergency first response by crowdsourcing community volunteers to respond faster than an ambulence.

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Wireless Buzzer System

Built a wireless, self-contained, team-lockout buzzer system designed for use with quiz competitions based around AVR-core microcontrollers and the nRF24L01+ wireless chipset.

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Work Experience

Software Engineer
Facebook | January 2017 - Present
Currently working at Facebook, where I build and support backend web and ranking infrastructure for the Facebook Camera. Responsibilities include building infrastructure to support new product features, scaling existing infrastructure to meet increased demand, and monitoring the services we provide. One successful infrastructure redesign project saw a 50% decrease in the resource footprint of our main service without affecting the product experience. Working with Hack, C++, JS, Hive, Thrift, and Python.
Software Engineer Intern
Facebook | May 2016 - August 2016
Worked at Facebook as a Software Engineer Intern for 12 weeks in the summer of 2016 on TAO, Facebook's distributed data store for the social graph. Worked on a variety of projects throughout the summer, mostly focusing on improving atomicty guarantees for racing writes to the datastore. Additionally rewrote a large portion of a background processing job to make it more efficient, gaining a more than 15% decrease in CPU time for the same workload and a more than 50% increase in peak capacity. Used spare time to improve the quality of the TAO codebase by fixing broken tests and finding bugs using static and dynamic analysis tools, such as the clang sanitizers. Worked with C++14, MySQL, Folly, and Boost.
Software Engineer Intern
Facebook | May 2015 - July 2015
Worked at Facebook as a Software Engineer Intern for 12 weeks on the Payments Platform team. Collabored on the existing C++ backend infrastructure to enable support for new payment card industry standard. Integrated backend infrastructure with frontend internal tool to control usage of new feature. Completed changes to existing and new MySQL tables online with no service downtime. Wrote and deployed C++ and Python background services to process project data. Made changes to primary platform services and began project production rollout. Analyzed production data using Hive to ensure proper operation of systems and measure successful project impact. Worked with C++14, Hack, Python, MySQL, Thrift, Hive, HiPal, Folly, and Boost.
Data Structures and Algorithms, Teaching Assistant
Georgia Tech | January 2015 - December 2016
Currently working as a teaching assistant for the Georgia Tech College of Computing's Data Structures and Algorithms course. Teach a weekly 90-minute recitation section on common data structures and algorithms, work with teaching assistant team to develop course material, including homework and other assignments, and hold office hours to assist students with course material.
Software Development Intern
The Coca-Cola Company | June 2014 - August 2014
Worked as a summer software development intern for 12 weeks. Built a web application written with Java EE, Tomcat, Spring, AngularJS, and Bootstrap, along with an Android application in order to collect and report on crowdsourced data regarding vending machines. The web application was deployed to a Heroku public cloud instance. Developed a device using ATmega328 microcontrollers and the Arduino platform to interface a vending machine to a Python WebSocket server, allowing the server to control the vending machine. This opened up the possibility for a variety of extensions to the machine. Wrote an Android application using the new interface to allow mobile payments to the vending machine via a Python-based server payment authorization server. Additionally worked with existing production and development applications to enable and position the applications to better work with and fit on the Heroku public cloud for direct production usage.
Software Development Intern
ProfitSword | August 2013 - May 2014
Worked as a software development intern during the school year. Built a dashboard-style UI for a current product using jQuery/UI, XML gadgets, Shindig, ASP.NET, and VBScript. Built a new dashboard-UI to replace the UI of a current product using AngularJS and jQuery with HTML5/CSS3 and modern web application standards. Assisted with a continuous integration server implementation using HTTP callbacks on SVN commits.
Software Development Intern
IBM Silverpop | June 2013 - July 2013
Worked as a full-time summer intern for 5 weeks. Wrote an application to download and process paginated data from a REST API. Wrote an application using Hadoop and Cascading to process daily HTTP server logs and report improper uses of insecure APIs. Created a Spring/Java EE/jQuery modern web application to record, produce leaderboards for, and manage teams and competitors for a 10000 steps competition. Also wrote integration tests using Java and FitNesse between their main product, Engage, and test environments.


BS Computer Science
Georgia Institute of Technology
4.0 GPA | Class of 2016


Georgia Tech Faculty Honors Spring 2015
MHacks V Winner
HackDuke Fall 2015 Inequality Grand Prize
Georgia Tech Faculty Honors Fall 2014
HackDuke Fall 2014 Health/Wellness Grand Prize
National Merit Scholar
National AP Scholar
Georgia Merit Award
Georgia State Technology Competition Winner
Georgia Governor’s Honors Program Mathematics Major